Had a long day of adventures? Need to relax?

By all means, kick back thy boots, and chat casually with the other guests.

Got an idea, for your next engineering project?
Need a workspace to give form to the project within your mind?

Look no further, the workshop is free to use, we got everything from automatic door, to ceiling lights.

Lavender Beds
Lavender Southwest Subdivision
Ward 13, Plot 37
Twintania Server

⚙️ Staff Members ⚙️

These are the people, who makes the place go round.

Etril Dawn
Felt lonely at her home, so decided to open it up, for the public.
Has taught herself, through self-education, and trial and error, mainly using a self invented method, best described as a mixture, of the arcanist arts, engraved into machinery.

Zemla Zimila

A vagrant and free spirit, bit of an eccentric, a tad naive.
Will work for food, so Etril offered her a job at the place.
Helps out with various tasks, though in truth she mostly eats

Leodeix Agadevor

A Hrothgar who proved his healing abilities after watching an unfortunate accident during a duel. Recruited by the owner herself, Leodeix will always give those in need a quick fix, but also a few stories about his adventures all over Eorzea and the Far East

We got a discord aswell, nothing fancy, but an easy way to communicate outside of the venue's opening hours.